The company Seaside was founded on April 1st, 2002. It keeps a staff of qualified and experienced employees. Its main activity is the performance of services in areas which involve the process of exporting and importing steel products and raw material in the port system.

In the export area, it is possible to highlight the following services: receiving of steel products in terminals and ports; quality inspection and analysis of products; supervision of storage; supervision and inspection of vessel loading; follow up of container stuffing and unstuffing; evaluation reports using the vendor-rating methodology and production of part and final loading reports.

In the import area, it is possible to highlight: supervision and inspection of the raw-materials unloading from ships, such as: metallurgical coke, coal, fluorite and anthracite; coke piles, wagons and trucks tarping; previous inspection and approval of storage areas, logistic coordination of materials distribution and transport in several modals and production of part and final reports.

The company also has the knowhow to perform services as supervision of container stuffing and unstuffing.

Seaside is always willing to participate, with its clients and suppliers, of experiences that aim the improvement of its processes regarding environmental protection, safety and deduction of costs. As an example, the company has developed a methodology that has as a goal, minimizing the iron ore and coal stuck in the interior of wagons during the rain period, leading to the decrease of stay costs and fleet optimization.

Vision 2015

• Being a national reference in the market of providing services in the several segments that comprise the steel and logistics sectors.


• Acting in the sector of services in a sustainable way, attending our clients' needs, focusing on the professional ethic and valorizing the staff.


- Transparency;
- Quality and punctuality;
- Team work;
- Social responsibility.

Quality Policy

• Providing quality services in the import and export areas, logistic coordination and packaging; offering qualified staff and precise information, looking for the clients' satisfaction; aiming the company development, giving priority to the requirements and continuously improving the SQG.